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Yale University

Managing at Yale

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(Strategic Talent-management And Recruiting System)

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Yale STARS logo banner

Yale STARS logo banner

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Kenneth Boroson Architects, New Haven CT

Architecture for Bioscience double-helix logo

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Integrated Business Planning, Middlefield CT

logo, business cards, envelope & letterhead

Integrated Business Planning logoIntegrated Business Planning business card

Integrated Business Planning envelope

Integrated Business Planning letterhead

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Theatre 4, New Haven CT

main logo

Theatre 4 logo

logos for T-shirt front and back

Theatre 4 t-shirt front logoTheatre 4 t-shirt back logo


business cards, envelope, letterhead

Theatre 4 business card

Theatre 4 envelope

Theatre 4 letterhead


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Cold Spring School, New Haven CT

2006 Scholarship Auction logo

Cold Spring School auction logo

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Network for a Sustainable New Haven

Network for a Sustainable New Haven logo

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Asia Pacific Cultural Center, Oakland CA

Asia Pacific Cultural Center logo

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Desert Bird

Desert Bird logo

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Gamut Saxophone Quartet

Gamut Saxophone Quartet logo


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AutumnMoon Adoption Resource Center

AutumMoon Adoption Resource Center logos

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Oakland Chamber Orchestra, Oakland CA

Oakland Chamber Orchestra logo

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