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Institutional Invitations

Yale University:
Latino and Asian Networking Groups holiday celebrations

Yale University Latino Networking Group holiday invitationYale University Asian Networking Group holiday invitation


University of New Haven:
2011 Scholarship Ball

cover & inside

UNH 2011 Scholarship Ball Invitation cover unh_invitation_inside

2007 Scholarship Ball


UNH Scholarship Ball invitation


UNH Scholarship Ball invitation


University of New Haven:
President's invitation to a special dinner and performance of A.R. Gurney's The Cocktail Hour at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven

UNH Long Wharf invitationUNH Long Wharf invitation


University of New Haven:
Henry C. Lee Institute Groundbreaking Celebration


UNH Henry Lee Institute Groundbreaking invitation


UNH Henry Lee Institute Groundbreaking invitation

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Personal Invitations

50th Birthday, Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel, Santa Barbara CA

50th Birthday invitation Santa Barbara Biltmore


70th Birthday, Schenectady NY

Our concept involved making anagrams of the name of the birthday honoree.

70th Birthday invitation70th Birthday invitation

anagram game insert:

70th Birthday invitation anagram insert


50th Birthday, Westport CT

This invitation involved painstaking research into the life of the person turning 50 for the creation of a timeline linking world events to important milestones in her life.

50th Birthday timeline invitation


10th Birthday surfing-lesson party, Ventura CA

This invitation includes a beach made of real sand and a removable surfboard necklace.

Adoption Celebration invitation

Adoption Celebration invitation

inside detail:

Adoption celebration invitation detail